SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (GPI) – international payments are faster and more transparent with KDB Bank!

KDB Bank Uzbekistan JSC is pleased to announce the availability of SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (GPI) services.

SWIFT GPI allows the Bank to track the path of an international payment in real time, receive transparent data on payment fees and see the final status of the transaction.

SWIFT GPI allows to improve the interaction between the Bank and clients and offer additional services when making cross-border payments, expanding their features:

• Speed – ability to speed up business processes in the payment chain of banks and investigate cases to clarify the payment status.

• Transparency of commissions and deductions if they are deducted from the principal amount by other banks in the chain.

• Traceability – allows the Bank to track the transaction in real time until the crediting is confirmed.


For more information please download the presentation on SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (GPI)