Internet Banking

Internet Banking is a convenient way for online banking experience developed for individual clients. Internet Banking allows:

Highest security standards for client-bank remote communication

Real time connection to track account movements, view accounts’ balances and statement

Make funds conversion from national currency to foreign currency and reverse conversion.

Conversion Operations through Internet Banking

Individuals and Individual entrepreneurs (IP) can remotely conduct conversion operations from plastic cards in Uzbek soums to plastic conversion cards in foreign currency (USD and EUR) in the Internet Banking system at any time of the day and anywhere in the world, subject to availability access to the Internet. For accessing the Internet Banking system, the login ID and login password are required.

In case if the client does not have an access to Internet Banking service it is recommended to visit the Bank’ Client Service Department for signing Agreement on use of Internet Banking service.

Furthermore, the Internet Banking system allows to

  • View information on account balances, including card accounts

  • View e-statements & store them electronically (in pdf format)