Internet Banking iDBA - new remote banking application

KDB Bank Uzbekistan JSC announces the launch of a new remote banking application Internet Banking iDBA for companies and entrepreneurs.

The new Internet Banking iDBA allows the following services:

  • Settlements in local currency

        - Payments in local currency to counterparty beneficiaries and irregular beneficiaries

        - Payments to the budget (MUNIS)

        - Instant payments (ANOR)

        - Favorite payments

        - Collection orders and acceptance of payment claims

  • Settlements in foreign currency

        - Transfers between own accounts

        - Transfers within and outside the Republic of Uzbekistan

  • Salary payment to employees

        - Full set of documents for the issuance of salary cards to employees for payroll transfers

        - Payroll transfers to employees' plastic cards according to the list of recipients

  • Corporate cards

        - Corporate card balance and card transactions

        - Transfers to corporate cards

  • Conversion

        - Conversion of national currency into foreign currency

        - Conversion of foreign currency into national currency

        - Conversion of foreign currency into foreign currency

  • Funds and Accounts

        - Up-to-date information on funds in accounts

        - Statements, analytics, account balances in a convenient format

        - Archive of payment documents and statements

  • Sending standard and non-standard requests and applications to the Bank;
  • Notifications on the status of the payment document execution;
  • Various filters and sorting options
  • Smart search of documents and directories
  • Modern design, user-friendly interface

Connecting to Internet Banking iDBA:

  1. Read the terms of the Public Offer
  2. Submit to the Bank the completed forms according to Appendix No 2 and Appendix No 4
  3. Receive an OTP device (key) from the Bank in a quantity that meets the requirements of the Client  and is in compliance with the Client’s card with samples of signature and stamp or Use available OTP device, Login and Password (applicable to Clients using the previous version of the Internet Banking system)