Changes in Foreign Currency Purchase and Sale Transactions




Dear Clients, 

Please be informed of the following changes being introduced from February 15, 2021 in relation to foreign currency purchase and sale operations, which may effect your bank accounts with the Bank:

1. Changes to the Bank’s Tariffs: amendments to items 10.1.1, 10.1.5, 10.1.7 (elimination of commission fee) and removal of item 10.1.6; 

2. Changes in practice for purchasing and selling foreign currency: elimination of practice of selling/buying foreign currency at UzRCE – such operations to be conducted at the banks and at the exchange rate to be set by the banks;

3. Introduction of a single public offer for rendering conversion services;

4. Update of templates of applications for conversion services.

Please visit the Bank’s website at or contact the Client Service Department to get acquainted with the updated tariffs, public offer and templates. 

For any additional information or in case of any questions, please contact the Client Relationship Manager covering your account.



JSC “KDB Bank Uzbekistan”