The convenience of using bank cards

Bank plastic card is a convenient payment instrument that provides the cardholder with 24-hours access to his/her personal bank account.

This bank account is called as a special card account (abbreviated as SCA). All transactions performed by using a client’s plastic card are reflected on this account.

Bank cards are widely used for making non-cash payments, including purchases through the Internet, for transfers, as well as for withdrawing cash or replenishing a card account through ATMs or cash offices.

Plastic cards have undeniable advantages over "live" cash, including:

Convenience. No need to carry a large amount of cash. Any purchase or service can be paid by card

Security. In case of loss of a purse, it is hard to return cash, if it happens with a card it always can be blocked

Bonuses. Many trades and service companies offer cardholders various bonuses in the form of discounts and cashback (when some of the percentages from the purchase amount is returned to the card)

Control of expenses. By receiving monthly statements for all transactions on the card, you can analyze your costs.

Public offer



Please see the following transit accounts for other transfers.

23120000600000842001UzCard   MFO: 00842  Tax number: 202167236

23120000900000842200 -  HUMO MFO: 00842  Tax number: 202167236

Also in details on transfers must be mentioned a full number of card and name and surname of the receiver. 

To open HUMO card in KDB Bank Uzbekistan following actions are needed to be done

  1. Application for opening HUMO Card
  2. Original identity document
  3. The agreement between the bank and client

Working hours

  1. UzCard opening till 4 p.m 
  2. Other UzCard Operation till 5 p.m




Corporate card issuance

0.15 BEV


Corporate card issuance (additional card)

0.15 BEV


Corporate card re-issuance due to damage or loss

0.15 BEV


Corporate card re-issuance due to expiry

0.15 BEV


Un-blocking of the corporate card

Free of charge


Including of the corporate card into Stop list

Free of charge


Corporate card account maintenance (servicing) fee

Free of charge


Replenishment of the card account with cash

Not applicable


Download of funds to corporate plastic card

Free of charge


Payment for goods and services via POS terminals, info-kiosks, and ATMs

Free of charge


Cash withdrawal from corporate plastic card

Not applicable


Accrual of interest on card account balances



Replenishment of the corporate card account via bank transfer from accounts of other cardholders

Not applicable